Helpful Links For Families


Jebeh is an elementary school teacher committed to equipping teachers and families with multicultural resources through her K-12 cultural curriculum. She inspires and motivates with information to raise culturally balanced children. 


Imagine More Stories was established by Thembi Palmer, a mom committed to promoting early childhood literacy and encouraging a love for reading to young children. Thembi has created many resources for families with young children, including her amazing picture book reviews videos

doodle dozen.png

Doodle Dozen is an inspirational picture book series created and written by Michelle Gibbs, a mom of three boys. These books follow the journey of Michelle's two older boys featuring twelve unique pack of pencils. They are not your ordinary pencils you meet everyday! Some, you will find with very big hearts, others with even bigger personalities, and they have great lessons to teach . Your little one can join the pencil pals and get doodling with fun printable activities and videos


Big Heart World encourages parents to raise big heart children that make the world a better place. Big Heart supports educators and families with activities that promote self-awareness, empathy, diversity, and building strong relationships.  Fine engaging resources to help your little one grow into a more confident and caring individual.