I'm Jamesetta Ross Diggs, a mom of two and the creator of Social Learning for Littles and AffirmedStyle. I have served families with young children in Africa and the U.S over 18 years, drawing experiences from my roles as a preschool teacher, community awareness facilitator, master trainer, and participant in EC curriculum research.

While AffirmedStyle showcases my passion for creativity, Social Learning for Littles is the result of my desire to see children thrive physically, mentally, and socially in various settings.

As a mom, I realize "it's the little things" that add up to bring consistent growth and learning. How can I support these everyday situations to cultivate the growth we all so desperately want to see in our children?

This quest led me on a journey to find effective ways to help children grow into caring, capable, and confident individuals, beginning with my own children.

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In the effort to build an applicable and result-based social learning model to support families with young children: I designed the Everyday Possibilities for Littles Growth Mindset Framework, pulling resources from my areas of expertise - literacy & learning strategies.

The framework uses children's books as tools while combining daily routines and everyday situations to support positive behavior, self-awareness, social-awareness, communication and problem-solving skills. It is designed with simple strategies families and teachers can use to support children's social and emotional growth.

As a learning coach, my goal is to help young children experience big wins in little moments through books and activities that create everyday possibilities.


Jamesetta Ross Diggs

Children Learning & Play Coach

Minneapolis, MN


Do you have questions about books to support your child's social & emotional needs, looking to set up a story time for your small group or classroom?