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Books Create Everyday Possibilities for Littles to Grow...


Books are tools with endless learning opportunities for children. As they develop the capacity to succeed socially and emotionally, SOCIAL LEARNING FOR LITTLES aims to build self-confidence, encourage empathy, positive communication, behavior, & problem-solving skills through amazing picture books and custom social-emotional learning activities. Learn More...


How to create EVERYDAY POSSIBILITIES for your child...

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ACCEPT your child's unique personality.
SPEAK "I can" sentences often.
ENCOURAGE your child to make choices.
TRUST your child's judgements.
BELIEVE your child can.
CREATE opportunities for your child to build self-confidence.
MODEL kindness and empathy.
VALIDATE feelings and emotions
USE mistakes for growth and learning.
MOTIVATE your child to keep trying.
BUILD a literacy-rich environment with books and consistency.
CELEBRATE big wins in little moments.

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Books help children experience big wins in little moments everyday.



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